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Flowers N Weeds

As the title suggests.  I only take shots of flowers when I...

05th Jul

Gangster Lookalikes

I took a couple of shots and I thought they were ringers...

05th Jul

Senior Citizens

Some older people caught out and about. Les and old neighbour. A...

04th Jul

Statue, Ornaments And Stuff

Random photos taken when out and about, just things that catch my...

04th Jul

Castletown Dereliction

This is a sad story about an estate in Sunderland North, here...

04th Jul


These are just snapshots, I hate doing landscapes unless there are people...

04th Jul

People In York

We went on a camera club (Washington Camera Club) outing to York,...

04th Jul

Wind Is A Twat At Times

The title says it all really, just as you press the shutter...

03rd Jul

Random Objects That Caught My Eye

These are just random shots that I spotted, they have nothing in...

03rd Jul

A Walk In The Park

I often go for walks in the park as at times I...

03rd Jul

Sunderland Empire 100 Years Celebration

I was one of the photographers chosen to photograph the Sunderland Empire...

03rd Jul

Trevor “Wrecking” Crewe

This is Trevor Crewe he is a friend and I shot some...

02nd Jul