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Sunderland Glass Centre

The Sunderland Glass Centre is free to the public but what was...

08th Jul

Marsden and Souter

This is the stretch of cliffs that separate Sunderland (Wearside) from South...

08th Jul

Hendon Beach

This is a little used beach on the Port of Sunderland, it...

08th Jul

Whitworth Hall Country Park

On days off we like to get out and about, my friend...

08th Jul

Gary Fox Boxer

These were taken for the local press to promote his first pro...

08th Jul

The Derelict Church

This is the derelict church inside of the cemetery that I mentioned...

07th Jul

The Cemetery

This is beside where I live and I walk through it often,...

06th Jul

Land And Seascapes

As the title suggests, these are land and seascapes taken when out...

06th Jul

Catterick Market

Just some street stuff shot at Catterick market, the place was packed,...

06th Jul

Walking Along The Wear

Walking along the Wear then into Durham City. These were French exchange...

05th Jul

Outside Central Station A CIty Beside Sunderland

Street shots taken outside Central Station. Looks slightly lost. Candid. Oops spotted....

05th Jul


A few doggies. My oldest dog Foxy chilling on the settee. This...

05th Jul