Are you a model or do you want to try modelling? I am always looking for models (male or female) to collaborate with on personal projects, most of the projects I will be doing in the future will be in a cinematic style, you will get colour and mono images but only the mono images will feature on this blog.

TFP (time for prints) you will get a dozen top quality watermarked web size images for your on-line portfolios, you will get the same high resolution images on a disc for printing at a lab, a model release form will be provided so you have proof you have permission to have them printed.  Please note I will only shoot you time for prints if you have a look that will fit the project and/or will benefit both of our portfolios, the amount of TFP time I have available is also very limited.

Paid models will only receive images from a shoot at my discretion, if it is for a commissioned piece then you will get no images but if available you will get a tear sheet for your portfolio.

Alternatively you can pay me and you will get 12 web size images watermarked, 12 full size images on a disc and 12 images printed at 12″ x 9″. Prices start at £99, a make up artist can be provided at extra cost.

If you would like to see more of my model photography look to the right and click “Models” under the Categories section, you should then see my blog posts about models latest posts first, thanks John.

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