Hello and welcome to my photography blog, my name is John Galloway and I am a professional photographer based in Sunderland, UK.  For this blog I will be showing only my monochrome images hence the name Puremono.

You are welcome to leave comments if you want to and you can ask me questions, if you like my blog and would like to keep up to date you can either subscribe to my RSS feed on this site or you could “Like” my Facebook page if you are a member of Facebook.  You can also click images so you can view them larger.


Thanks for looking John 😉

8 Responses to “About”

  • Awesome site John, your pics are fantastic!

  • Brilliantly done John. You the spit of Johnny Travolta in about you bit, tis a nice pic. They all are. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing more of the northeast through your eyes. Cheers m80. Good work 🙂 xxx

  • Your far to straight talking jive walking to be him really. Knicky was the lad, I think you may have been blessed wi some of his cool 🙂 you look like Travolta tho!… I can imagine you rocking up in a 747 hollerin, wild1 grab MD n yr lasso we got the ranch yee ha <3

  • john your photos a pure class mate ! AMAZING *****

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