I love doing street photography so expect to see a lot of street shots on this site.

I’m sure you have all looked at old photos, they can make people smile, cry and also bring memories flooding back.  Street photography is important as it records how we are right now, in years to come we can look back at shots we have taken now and jog our memories, we can show them to our children and granchildren to show them what we lived like, what our fashions and hairstyles were like.

I hope you enjoy looking at my latest street stuff, my aim is to print them off and one day hopefully have an exhibition or put them all in a book.

If you would like to see more of my street stuff look to the right and click “Street” under the Categories section, you should then see my street blog posts, latest posts first, thanks John.

Taken on Ilford HP5 35mm film, developed in ID-11, scanned negative.


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