On August 14, 2012 by John

I often pop to Durham as not only is it a nice place to visit, there is always lots to shoot, I didn’t have my mojo with me on this day but forced myself to take a camera anyway as I’m trying to get my mojo back, most professional photographers lose the will to shoot for fun at times, this is probably because you take pictures for a living, I guees it is the same as a carpenter in the sense they hang doors all day so they put off hanging that new door in their home, anyway here is a couple of shots…

Balloon seller, bugger knows why he has them on his head.

There is always a walker in Durham…this is fact lol!

Group of ladies making the most of the hot weather and having a picnic.

Deep in thought maybe?

Outside the Cathedral.

Sun worship?

I used a slow shutter on the one above to isolate the subjects and let the world pass by around them.

“It was this fat”

Tea time and the boredom starts to kick in?

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