Cirkus Band Practice

On July 11, 2012 by John

I was building a website for a band so I went along to watch them practice to get get shots for their website. I was using a Nikon D200 at the time and mostly anything over ISO 400 was terrible for noise so it made the shots quite tricky to get in the really low light conditions. I shot them live after this but I had upgraded my camera to a D700, I’ll post the D700 shots in the next post I do.

L-R… Derek, Alan, Stu, Dave and Dogg.

Stu concentrating holding the tempo up.

Derek looking happy.

Alan playing the solo to Nights in White Satin.

Dave with Stu in the background.

Dogg and Stu.

Battered bass, bet it has seen some gigs.

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