Marsden and Souter

On July 8, 2012 by John

This is the stretch of cliffs that separate Sunderland (Wearside) from South Tyneside, lovely views of the sea and there is loads of benches so I thought I would get some people shots to see the various types sitting along the coast.

OK so these are not actually sitting lol.

A lone cyclist. The flowers will be tied to the fence because a lot of people have died jumping or falling off these cliffs, a poignant reminder of troubled minds or acts of recklessness.

Bird watchers, that is Marsden Rock in the background, home to hundreds if not thousands of birds.

I got speaking to this couple as they told me off for standing on the “wrong” side of the barrier lol, they live in a house opposite and they have actually saved many a life by phoning the coast guard when they have spotted a hazard, hats off to them I suppose for caring about people and where they live.

This is Souter Lighthouse, it is open to the public for tours, the TV show Most Haunted done a feature there once with Derek Acorah…. what a tosser lol… is someone’s Youtube vid lol…


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