The Derelict Church

On July 7, 2012 by John

This is the derelict church inside of the cemetery that I mentioned in this previous post.

One of the shutters on the window was missing so I decided to do an Urban Exploration. Inside was full of bird shit, you couldn’t see the floor for it, I wish I had a dust mask with me.  The smell was vile, such a shame it was left to go this way, it had a twin in the same cemetery and the council decided to let that one go to ruin as well and all that is left of its twin is the founds.

A window ledge from inside, the only light in the church was what was coming in through those tiny holes on each window, I had to use ISO  3200-25,600 to get the shots and also for this picture above I used the Nikon’s D-Lighting feature.

Looking toward the main door (which is welded shut), this is Steve a fellow Urban Explorer, I’ve smiled his face out so employers and stuff don’t see it lol.  The scaffold bar you see going across the room is actually holding the church up, stopping it from falling in on itself so going back to this place is probably not a wise choice.

Beautiful masonry gone to rot! The suspended ceiling is also ruined, pretty dodgy thinking some of it could fall on you at any time.

The whole stone structure held up by a few bits of scaffold.

The vestry window, this room was the darkest of them all.

You can’t see the floor for shit, shit was everywhere!

All this junk was under the window you had to climb through to enter the church.

Looking up the spire.

The only door exit, welded shut.

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