Church Fete

On July 1, 2012 by John

I went for a walk one day through Barnes Park with the wife as it was sunny and warm, once we had got out of the park on the other side we noticed that there was a church garden fete type thing on so we had a walk around it was a good idea as there was loads of people which meant I could get some street photography done.

This old lady above caught my eye straight away, she had an organised leader type look about her, certainly a character.  For this set of images I got in close and instead of zooming for clean uncluttered shots of people I used a wider lens so I could get more people in the shot, the out of focus people add depth to the image.

This lady looked like the heat and volume of people was getting on top of her, also a bit stressed at the mess people were leaving after they looked at items to buy, people were like vultures it was interesting to watch, they seemed to be watching what other people were going for and snatching what the other person was going to look at and then deciding they didn’t want them, almost like they were scared at losing a bargain to someone else, instead of putting them back folded as the items were when they picked them up they would throw them back down anywhere there was space.

Then you got the people who queued and stood back and waited patiently.

Seeing this made me sad, everyone seemed to be in groups chatting or off at the tables fighting for bargains, this gent was left in the middle of the grounds all alone and he just seemed so sad just left there in the middle of the grounds in his wheelchair.


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