The Cemetery

This is beside where I live and I walk through it often,...

06th Jul


A few doggies. My oldest dog Foxy chilling on the settee. This...

05th Jul

Flowers N Weeds

As the title suggests.  I only take shots of flowers when I...

05th Jul

Gangster Lookalikes

I took a couple of shots and I thought they were ringers...

05th Jul

Statue, Ornaments And Stuff

Random photos taken when out and about, just things that catch my...

04th Jul

Castletown Dereliction

This is a sad story about an estate in Sunderland North, here...

04th Jul

Wind Is A Twat At Times

The title says it all really, just as you press the shutter...

03rd Jul

Random Objects That Caught My Eye

These are just random shots that I spotted, they have nothing in...

03rd Jul

Sunderland Empire 100 Years Celebration

I was one of the photographers chosen to photograph the Sunderland Empire...

03rd Jul

Randoms in the garden

I’m sure most photographers like to have a play about and try...

01st Jul