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Plecdrum Inc

I had the pleasure of  working with a new and up coming...

30th Dec

Durham 2nd set

These are not as strong n my eyes as the first set...

19th Aug


I often pop to Durham as not only is it a nice...

14th Aug

Crochet Bags

Well I’ve been extremely busy with work this last week so I...

19th Jul

Cirkus Live

Following on from the previous post, these shots are live and with...

11th Jul

Cirkus Band Practice

I was building a website for a band so I went along...

11th Jul

Andy Nic The Thinker

My mate from school popped round one day as we were organising...

10th Jul

Mobile Phone Pictures

These are really simple snapshots taken on HTC phones. Doesn’t look like...

10th Jul

Sunderland Museum

These were taken in the museum, I am a big fan of...

10th Jul

Luke John Harrison

This is Luke Harrison, he modelled for me TFP one day, we...

09th Jul

Hexham Abbey

I’m not really into churches so never make an effort when taking...

09th Jul

Seaburn and Roker

This is Sunderland’s beaches, they are quiet nice and are nearly always...

09th Jul